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The Familiar Giant: Nokia

While many may have rubbished off Nokia smartphones after their relaunch under HMD Global in 2016, the smartphone maker has certainly lived up to expectations. Nokia's re-acquisition after it was sold out to Microsoft in 2014 now promises good tidings to Nokia lovers who at first felt disdained by the entry of Windows OS into their handsets. Now Nokia boasts of a revamped range of mid-range to high end phones that are competing among industrial leaders such as Apple's iPhone and Samsung gadgets. For example, Nokia 9 PureView - that has 5 cameras equipped with ZEISS optics - and Nokia 8 Sirocco have already made positive impressions in a market that is rather crowded. Nokia 9 PureView is already a strong competitor to iPhone XR, posing better RAM and battery life, albeit by a small margin. This Nokia phone is also lighter,  and notably has an in-display fingerprint sensor as opposed to iPhone XR. Nokia 9 PureView rare Cameras |  source: