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Top 5 Things you are probably doing wrong with your phone - A cybersecurity perspective

Since the invention of the first smartphone in 1992 , humanity has raced to acquire the latest gadgets on the market. Smartphone makers have equaled the challenge to satisfy a technology-hungry population that now accounts for over 6.5 billion smartphones globally. While this technology adoption has largely been beneficial to globalization and economic development, it has become a source of security risk.  I previously wrote an article about the proliferation of mobile phone viruses and how to take care of them . Even so, old habits die hard. You still need to consider whether some of your tendencies make it easy for attacks and unauthorized access. Below are what I consider the most common mistakes people do with their smartphones to the delight of the bad guys; 1. Implementing easy device security settings The first entry point to a smartphone is the screen lock that requires a pattern/pin/fingerprint/password to unlock. People assume that since they have little to lose or hide, t