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True Story: How I Was Scammed Through Social Engineering (With Illustrations)

Four years ago –2017– I was a victim of a well orchestrated social engineering attack that left me–and other students– a thousand shillings sorry . At this time, I was a 3rd Year student taking computer technology that would later, in hindsight, transition me to the cybersecurity profession. Now I know better and can perhaps laugh at how na├»ve I was, and by extension, how scammers know how to tap desperation and capitalize on the gullibility of campus students. Here is the narrative! On Wednesday April 26, 2017, I applied for a data entry job that I had heard of by word of mouth and through social media platforms. Such opportunities were always hard to come by, and with the long holidays about to kick in, such a chance was bound to attract many students across public universities. So, as the rest of the comrades, I diligently applied for the position that had supposedly been advertised by the ministry of education seeking data entry clerks to work with.   Barely three hours after app