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Why do my people perish?

I have been hacked!  -  One of the most commonly overused and misused words in the digital world. Many times, we have heard of  assertions and assumptions perpetrated by victims that they have been hacked. You will normally find posts – mostly by famous personalities – t hat their twitter, Facebook, or Instagram accounts have been hacked and that they are no longer in control. These victims will normally assume their perpetrator is a heavily funded tech-savvy individual punching 100wpm at a keyboard with a blue screen spilling endless lines of gibberish code. Well, I'd hate to break it to you, but that's not quite what has been happening. The term hacking is sadly , and sometimes hilariously, the default word anyone would rush to proclaim when confronted with the possibility or reality that one or many of their accounts have been accessed by unauthorized parties. While this too is hacking, these incidences are mere scenarios where non-technical procedures taking ad