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Password Attacks: How Much do you Know?

Image There are a variety of ways hackers can get hold of your passwords to compromise the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of your system/accounts. The type and severity of the attacks will depend on the willingness to get hold of your accounts and whether you present anything of value to the attacker's course. Nonetheless, everyone needs to know the methods hackers can use to get breach the integrity of their passwords. Whether you are a clueless toddler with a tablet or a tech-savvy CEO, understanding password attacks will better help you know how to protect yourself.  Non-Electronic Password Attacks Non-electronic password attacks are a common tool for attackers without any deep technical knowledge. Such malicious actors will use subtle ways to get wind of your passwords, more so without your knowledge. One such way is through social engineering , where the individual will manipulate and trick you into revealing your password. The attack might for exampl