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General Commentary on Kenya’s 5G Roadmap and Strategy

The communications Authority of Kenya has proposed a roadmap  and strategy for 5G network rollout. As rightly put,   5G technology will foster faster connectivity and lower latency with the general benefit of improved efficiency. The government and all types of technology-driven businesses will find essence in 5G application ranging from information dissemination and service provision to greater interconnectivity, operability, and flexibility. The overall effect of 5G will be improved broadband penetration – Initially in urban areas – to facilitate socioeconomic development. Getty Images/iStockphoto Worldwide, the race to 5G was already heating up in early 2019, with countries such as South Korea holding a commercial launch of the network ahead of USA and China (Li & Park, 2019). Companies such as Verizon also first launched 5G mobile services in 2019 in parts of America (Verizon, 2019). Now, Kenya’s commitment to the 5G rollout provides an opportunity to cement its position as a d

Shunning mobile viruses

Last time out, as discussed here , we agreed that mobile devices have become a preferred avenue for cyber-attacks. This is due to their popularity and sheer ease of use which has attracted more usage, hence increased attack surface for hackers and bad actors to introduce viruses to destroy, steal, or inconvenience you.  What then can you do to ensure your mobile stays free of mobile devices? Install applications from trusted sources While it is common knowledge that mobile applications can be obtained from the Playstore (android) and Appstore (iPhone), there are alternative sources of applications that pause risks to mobile phone users. While some of these sources may be legitimate, others host nefarious applications that eventually introduce viruses and illegitimate software that harm your device.  Note that official and legitimate sources will clearly direct you to the official stores for downloads. For example, as shown below, the Truecaller official website will lead you to any o