Which Phone Now?

Choosing the correct kind of gadget could be frustrating, especially for the type of people who by nature, are innately suspicious. Adding this to the fact that every business in town is nowadays trying to knock you off a few more cents to demonstrate business prowess, some people are likely to resign to wanting a new phone.

Well, before you get paranoid and all, consider a few tips to guide you on this tumultuous, yet important path. These are the bare basics that any individual almost gracing the 3rd decade of the 21st century should have at their fingertips, if not tongue tip.

Do Background Research

Well, it goes without saying that if you want an iPhone, you should first of all have an idea what this kind of phone looks like, how it operates, and what to expect once you own it. Wanting something without knowing its full capabilities is like having a chicken that you are never gonna put to soup simply because you have no idea that at some point in time, chicken is supposed to be converted to one hell of a meal. Unless you want to keep the new phone as some form of stupefying display, please do some research about the kind of phone you want to own.

Make Comparisons

Make comparisons for several possible phones you could own while keeping your budget in mind. You are not required to make vain comparisons for the sheer sake of imagination that will never come to fruition. If you have 20K, make comparisons for phones around this price range and choose only the best of the best. These comparisons should include phone specs such as size, storage, camera, and RAM. Only pick the best according to what you value most. No need to worry about a 13MP camera when you aren't about to start a boring vlogging channel in the mighty ocean of YouTube, or about to go on a free mode selfie spree. Think wisely.

Ask for Views

Yeah, ask your family members, friends, and whoever cares to listen what phone they think you should have. Save for wicked guys, people are likely to give you good suggestions, some which you might not have been thinking of all along. Some of these people might actually own a phone you might consider purchasing. So ask around before making a decision (and beware of fake, ill-meant suggestions).

Delay the Purchase

Now you have a final decision. You have decided you are going to buy the abc or xyz smart phone worth a few bales of napier grass or mercurial sugar. Wow. Great. You feel like hoping onto the next matatu to town regardless of mother nature's rude gestures. Hey, wait a moment. Did you really want to buy a phone? Delay your purchase decision for about a day or two (You may fast and pray in the meantime, you know, just to gather your wits and blessings from the old man upstairs). Within this delay period, something might come up such as another juicy offer or additional cash that might boost you into taking the next best phone. Always step back after seeming to have taken a decision to reflect and finally do the actual purchase.


Here is where you decide on the extras like where to buy (physically or online), when to buy, who to accompany you on the material day, and security measures in case raging floods decide to carry you and your new gadget towards location Z, where God forbid, mbogi genje will be eager to welcome you.


  1. Very informative... thank you 😊😊

  2. Wow, theres so much i never knew.Great tips there for buying my next phone.


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